Bir Nurayet - one of Africa´s big rock art galleries

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The ancient rock art of the Red Sea Hills



We are back in Europe – after a very exciting trip through Sudan and the Nubian desert. This time we were 3 cars, 12 people and a BIG mission: to find the rock engravings of Bir Nurayet deep in the Nubian desert. This meant leaving the blessed tarmac and going offroad for about 1000km. We stocked up on water, diesel and food – as we didn´t know what to expect.


The drive was absolutely stunning, the landscape breathtaking! Beforehand, we extensively planned, compared any GPS data we had with satellite images. The biggest problem was finding a way through the Red Sea Hills, which acted like a natural border between the coast and the Nubian desert.


The cars behaved well, we had no troubles, ok, we got stuck a few times, but with 12 people it´s no problem to push the 4x4s out of the deep sand. On the way to Bir Nurayet we passed a gold mining town deep in the desert – it was here that we bought extra diesel out of big barrels, surrounded by local Howadendas (a tribe) who stared at us because no white man has probably ever come here.I must say that driving this track, looking for this special place sometimes felt like being on a different planet!


And finally we found it – already from far we could see Jebel Magardi rising out of the desert, a very recognizable landmark showing us the way to Bir Nurayet. We arrived late at night and pitched our camp in the shadow of this huge monolith. Rene sneaked out of the camp with a torch to try and look for the rock art, but without success.


The next morning we went all around Jebel Magardi, hoping to find the engravings, but saw nothing. Very disappointing.

What do you think? Did we manage to find them in the surrounding mountains? YES we did! It was an absolutely unbelievable moment. Thousands of years old rock art, discovered only 20 years ago by Polish archaeologists…


Mission accomplished. Expedition “Sudan 2018” successful! 🙂


bir nurayet - Sudan travel

and watch our epic video here

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