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Expeditions and Tours in Sudan are an unforgettable experience. It seems like Caravans of camels glide through the ancient Sahara desert, pyramids and temples rise out of the dunes to greet the cloudless, blue sky. Merchants praise their goods and the ever life-giving river Nile flows through endless palm plantations by its banks. Sudan is a country of great scenery, great adventures and a rich cultural experience. Tourism here is almost unspoilt. Our expeditions lead us deep into the desert and past ancient monuments. We will travel in 4×4 cars and often sleep out in the Sahara. Whenever possible, we will dive into Sudan´s culture, go shop on bustling markets, watch the dervishes dance in Omdurman and show you many more specialties which we have discovered on our many trips through Sudan…

Enjoy Sudan Travel Bayuda desert

Expedition “Across the Bayuda” 

When?     8.1.2020 – 22.1.2020 (2 weeks)

Where?    Dongola – Meroe – Musawarat – Naga – Jebel Barkal – Bayuda desert – Omdurman

How?       2 4×4 vehicles, max. 8 people

Costs?     Contact us for more details


Andrea Kaucka and Rene Bauer Sudan

Expedition “Big Trip Sudan” 

When?       25.1.2020 – 15.2.2020, 18.2.2020 – 11.3.2020 (3 weeks)

Where?*     Meroe – Musawarat/Naga – Jebel Barkal – Bayuda desert – Port Sudan – Kassala

How?          2 4×4 vehicles, max. 8 people

Costs?       Contact us for more details

*This trip includes a lot of special, unvisited places off the beaten track. On every trip we will explore new places…


Andrea Kaucka and Rene Bauer Sudan

Make it your own adventure!

When?      Tell us your dates and we will plan it for you!

Where?*     What would you like to see? Diving? Archaeology? Desert? Adventure?

How?         Public transport or 4×4 – you ask and we do!

Costs?      Contact us for more details

*We cater for researchers, archaeologists, biologists and other scientific groups/individuals wanting to explore Sudan.


What is an expedition with Enjoy Sudan Travel?

First of all, we will be camping under a thousand stars in the desert, will also cook our own food or go into small, local “restaurants” and drive not only on asphalt, but also a lot offroad. We may sometimes be far away from civilization and in general, a trip through Sudan is not what we are used to from Europe. Locals are very friendly and will often invite us for a coffee or tea. Many of them will be eager to talk to us and show us their nice country. There will be a lot of places where they nearly never see tourists and one will really feel like an explorer and discoverer. We may get dusty and dirty – but always happy! Our main objective is to dive into local culture and be on an epic adventure!

Our Sudanese friend Taha will make sure we always get the best prices for everything and our long year´s experience will be completely at your disposal. There are places on our itinerary that no tour operator visits and we are constantly discovering new and amazing places, that means that every year we have a new destination to discover.

How much does it cost? 

Expeditions with Enjoy Sudan Travel are on a guiding fee and shared cost basis. This means that you pay us a fee of 750 USD (2 weeks/3 weeks) to take part in one of our expeditions and all the rest of the trip is on a shared cost basis. That means the rented car, diesel, food, activities and all group related expenses are shared between the expedition members. This makes it much more attractive than tour operators which charge up to double the amount for less time. All costs to be shared are absolutely transparent for everybody. By experience from all previous trip, estimated expenses per person are as following:

1300,- EUR estimated total costs for 3 weeks in Sudan (car rental, diesel, food, accommodation, activities) – shared costs

750   USD guiding fee (2 weeks or 3 weeks, paid per person in advance)

350 – 450 EUR flight ticket. (depending on where you fly from)

So total costs come to around 2250,- EUR for a 3-week adventure with Enjoy Sudan Travel.

As we are guides and not a tour operator, all costs and commodities will be booked when in Sudan together. The only fee we charge you is our guiding fee. Total costs mentioned are a maximum by experience and will probably be less than that!

Got questions? Send us a mail!

Please note: You MUST have a travel insurance if you want to join us. There are a lot of companies out there that deal with travel, health and luggage insurance. We can help and point you in the right direction.