Who are the guides?


We have been travelling to Sudan for many years now. We have explored, tried, tasted and experienced the country, from North to South to East and West. And we have even worked there. And always did we have to come back – simply because we love it.

The first experience in Sudan was in early 2009, when we had to cross it during our first Transafrican journey. And since that time, Sudan has enthralled us.

We are guides by heart. We do what we do out of a complete passion and our mindset when travelling or dealing with locals is very genuine and natural. Our tours through Sudan are not an anonymous, impersonal touristy programme, no, we are an enriching experience.

Rene loves adventure, offroading, bushcraft and the desert, Andrea loves people, offroad and culture – together we can give you an unforgettable trip through Sudan. With roughly 200.000km travelled in Africa in the last 10 years we can make sure your trip is safe, rich and unforgettable. We both travel a lot, explore a lot and are always looking for special and new places to offer. We, the guides,  love photography and publish articles, so we can give you hints on how to get the best out of your camera and will “flood” you with knowledge about Sudan.


Especially for Sudan, our knowledge and understanding of the country is unrivalled in Europe, as we have extensively travelled and lived there.



But not only do we guide people through Sudan, we organize and guide expeditions in Namibia, Botswana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania and South Africa. From backpacking style to indulging luxury – everything is possible. Why not have a look at “Enjoy Africa Travel”?

Furthermore we also do slideshow presentations in Europe, write articles in magazines and work closely with the Sudanese embassies in Prague, Vienna and Berlin to raise awareness for this “Arabic Jewel” along the River Nile.



Why with Enjoy Sudan Travel?


It is not always wise to travel alone. Of course, it may seem cheaper to pack a backpack and go, but in some countries, it is very important to know the right people in order to get the best experience. Enjoy Sudan Travel´s guides aim to give you an affordable and more intense alternative to big tour operators. Here´s why:

  • costs are much lower than what a tour operator charges
  • lots of local knowledge
  • cultural experience
  • lots of “off the beaten track” locations NO tour operator offers
  • a rich itinerary packed with more than just the usual sights
  • many useful contacts all over the country
  • Arabic language skills, English, Czech, French, German fluent
  • offroad and desert driving skills
  • We work closely with our Sudanese contacts
  • flexibility to itinerary changes


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