Where the journey starts…

Sudan – home to the black pharaohs, a great melting pot of ethnics, a cultural wealth and an absolutely stunning desert. Behind the curtain of bad publicity and reputation lies a beautiful, hospitable and interesting country. Sudan gained a lot of popularity from individual travellers and adventurers. Everybody who wants to prove the media wrong discovers what a jewel this country is. And all of them come home with a „new love“.

Sudan is mostly covered in sand and desert, but that doesn´t mean it´s boring. From romantic sand dunes, across plains with the occasional bush until rocky mountains bordering the Red Sea, there is a lot to discover. The ever-dry and hot desert opposes the live-giving river Nile. And it´s here where life concentrates – along the longest river of the world. And far away in the desert one can find remote and picturesque oasis. Sudan´s landscape isn´t repetitive, just get into a 4×4, take camping equipment and get off the beaten track (if there is any at all!). You may get a glimpse of nomadic lifestyle and explore completely different places. From the highest mountain Deriba Caldera (3042m, in the Jebel Marra) you can look out over the far away Darfur, which is interesting but still closed to foreign visitors.


A rich cultural past…

Sudan is also very famous for its ancient monuments and remains of the once mighty black pharaohs. We can find lots of witnesses of the once powerful Kushite kingdom, which reigned here from 2600 B.C. until 280 A.D. There are temples, pyramids and royal tombs. The most famous of all is probably Meroe with its remaining 50 pyramids and the last centre of the Kushites. Those pyramids may not be as impressive as the Egyptian ones. But the remoteness and lack of tourists are much more rewarding. Just imagine wandering in between the pyramids without anybody around, only wind, sand, blue sky and these pyramids. You will feel like an explorer and you can perfectly imagine how it all looked in its full grandeur those thousands of years ago.

Apart from its rich history, Sudan boasts a very wealthy cultural side with more than 700 tribes and ethnics. From Arabic, Berber and Saudi tribes to subsaharan ethnics and everything in between. Furthermore imagine the cultural side of it – customs, rituals and celebrations make sure you have an unforgettable experience.

Sudan has some national parks, but it´s not really a destination for wildlife lovers as parks are very expensive. They hard to get to and animals, if there are any, are very scarce and shy. We recommend to rather make your way to the camel market and dive into the bustling life there.

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