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Sudan – land of the blackest of blacks, home to the black pharaohs, more pyramids than Egypt, ancient temples and a great melting pot of tribes and ethnics, a cultural wealth and an absolutely stunning Red Sea underwater world. Behind the curtain of bad publicity and reputation lies a beautiful, hospitable and interesting country. Sudan gained a lot of popularity from individual travellers and adventurers. Everybody who wants to prove the media wrong discovers what a jewel this country is. And every single guest travelling with Enjoy Sudan Travel came home with an absolutely fascinating experience.

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Why “Enjoy Sudan Travel”?

We have spent many years discovering Sudan. We have criss-crossed this country from North to South and East to West. The Sahara desert has been our windy and sandy companion as well as the depth of the Red Sea along Sudan´s coastline. And together with our countless Sudanese friends and nearly “family” we had the privilege to discover the undiscovered, many places that not many people know about and that can´t be found on any tour operator´s itinerary! Our way to interact with locals is unique – we just dive into Sudan´s culture and live in it to the max.

This way, any adventure-spirited traveller joining Andrea and Rene from Enjoy Sudan Travel on our expeditions will profit in full from our knowledge, experience and contacts we have in Sudan. An expedition with us is more than a just a trip – it´s an unforgettable journey.

Enjoy Sudan Travel is not a stiff and unpersonal tour operator, but a guiding service with a passionate touch. We know what we are talking about, not from books or google, but from our own deep and personal experience in this country! On each of our trips we try to find more special places, so you may be part of our exploring team.

Expeditions 2020

Enjoy Sudan Travel would like to take you on a journey. We travel in 4×4 vehicles, will often leave the asphalt to go through desert tracks and explore. Our maximum group size is 8 because we don´t want quantity, but quality. Sudan is not a country for mass tourism and it should stay that way. A small group ensures a very personal experience for every team member.

We offer 2 and 3 week trips, depending on your time and what you would like to see. Or have you got something special in mind? Only diving? Archaeological tours? Desert adventures? Every year our expeditions have a goal: to discover the undiscovered!

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Expedition “Across the Bayuda” 2 weeks 2020

When?     8.1.2020 – 22.1.2020 (2 weeks)

Where?    Dongola – Meroe – Musawarat – Naga – Jebel Barkal – Bayuda desert – Omdurman

How?       2 4×4 vehicles, max. 8 people

Costs?     Contact us for details…

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Andrea Kaucka and Rene Bauer Sudan

Expedition “Big Trip Sudan” 3 weeks 2019

When?      25.1.2019 – 15.2.2019, 18.2.2019 – 11.3.2019 (3 weeks)

Where?     Dongola – Meroe – Musawarat/Naga – Jebel Barkal – Bayuda desert – Port Sudan – Kassala

This trip includes a lot of special, unvisited places off the beaten track. For 2019 we will explore the Nubian desert more and try to find ancient fortresses in the Nubian desert!

How?        2 4×4 vehicles, max. 8 people

Costs?      Contact us for details

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Andrea Kaucka and Rene Bauer Sudan

Make it your own adventure!

When?      Tell us your dates and we will plan it for you!

Where?     What would you like to see? Diving? Archaeology? Desert? Adventure?

How?        Public transport or 4×4 – you ask and we do!

Costs?     We can make you a budget!

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